Thursday, February 7, 2013

What A Disappointment!!!

I was excited all week, waiting for Wednesday (taking of Graduation pictures). I was preparing for it over the weekends, and when I realized I've nothing to wear for the event, I had my mom buy me something new, something fresh, something worth it for SOMETHING THAT'S FOR A LIFETIME!

I did get to buy that "something", although it wasn't what I really wanted. I wanted something that has a bit of edge on it, but I stick to the business attire, decent look. 

And here comes the BIG day. We were all excited and goofy early morning talking about what we will wear, how should we smile, how should we project for the camera, how to do a tie (we were even having a tie tutorial during class), etc. We skipped class just to prepare for it! 

We had to share the scheduled day shoot with another course. Students were given numbers for the line up. Then we were told THE PHOTOGRAPHERS WERE LATE. I already had a negative vibe rushing, considering the number of students to be accommodated and the Stone Age system we have in school.

And then, yes, the day had been full of negative vibes!

Students we're all prepped up early in the morning. The photographers started operating at past 9 a.m.. At 10 a.m., just 6 students we're done. 160+ students lining up for the shoot. The facility wasn't air-conditioned. It was scorching hot outside. 

Make-ups fading, curls straightening up, clothes were wet with sweat and all. The LATE PHOTOGRAPHERS even had the guts to take their break, while students were lined up famished and exhausted. WHAT THE!??

I was numbered 79. By almost 3 p.m., they were still unable to finish half of my number!!! 

6 p.m. Students 66-70 are lined up. The schedule is until 8 p.m!

We were all flushed, messed and f**ked up...agitated and exasperated thinking that the photographers wouldn't even bother finish shooting all the students.

Truth be told, they didn't...they didn't finish the shoot! 30 student were left hanging and waiting (mostly guys). They prioritized the girls saying they put much effort for the shoot, for the hair and make-up. But then, the guys also prepared for that day. Some went to the salon and had their hairs fixed, paying a grand. What about them??? 

Worst is, they DIDN'T PUT EFFORT IN SHOOTING US! They were such in a hurry, that pictures of the students were poorly shot, organized.

I AM A VICTIM OF THIS! My graduation photo is not something to be proud of!! It's pure crap!!!!

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